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SouthWest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries is a cooperative of area libraries organized to promote library services among and through member institutions. SWON Libraries consists of academic, public, school and special libraries in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Support Staff Symposium: Convincing Communication

SWON's Fall 2012 Support Staff Symposium is all about creating convincing communications. What can you do to help your message get seen? Get read? Move people to action?

Make Their Words Your Words

One tool you can use that works in any medium is to use the vocabulary of your audience. We do this instinctively, using different language in different situations, but it can also be done more purposely with greater effect. 

Let's say you get an email from a patron asking for an introductory class on a new database. No, you aren't dreaming. That's the email you got. You could come up with a creative title for it like "This Database 101" or "This Database For Dummies." But the patron may not be sure what you mean by "101" and may not like "Dummies" at all. Call it "Introduction to This Database" and they're much more likely to recognize it as the class they requested.

What about if you're looking at a grant application? You notice one of their criteria is that a program needs to benefit under-served communities. In your application, why say that your program benefits the needy? Or the underprivileged? Don't hunt for a synonym when you can use the exact words they're looking for: "Our program benefits under-served communities by...." Using their vocabulary helps convince them that you're answering their question and paying attention.

At the Support Staff Symposium, you'll hear tips like this and much more. Get the complete details and register for the Symposium here!

Mount Sterling Public Library Wins LSTA Grant

The State Library of Ohio just announced this year's LSTA grant winners, and we're excited to see Mount Sterling Public Library on the list! Mount Sterling has the challenge of a 248 square-mile library service district. To broaden their community outreach, Mount Sterling created a pop-up library in a township building. It contained a limited selection of books and an internet-connected computer. People loved it. To broaden their reach even more, the wrote (and received) a grant to purchase a mobile library that can set up throughout their service area. We can't wait to hear what happens next. Congratulations, Mount Sterling Public Library!

Outcome-Based Evaluation Workshop - Learn How to Plan and Report Your Outcomes, Improve Assessments, Get Funding!

What and Why: Most of us are faced with 'proving' our value, whether it's called Library Assessment, ROI or the more blunt version, "Why should I fund you?". Join us as we develop our skills in program evaluation, project reporting and/or grant writing, if you're looking for a proven method of evaluation to add to your assessment toolkit, this workshop is not to be missed!

Who: For all library types.

Our Presenter: Kerwin Pilgrim is a Certified Outcome-Based Evaluation Trainer and has conducted training on OBE at the last two ALA Mid-Winter Conferences to the ALA/FINRA Smart Investing@Library grantees. In addition to his MS in Information and Library Science from the Pratt Institute, Mr. Pilgrim holds certificates in Public Library Management, Business Project Management, and two New York Schools Teacher certificates.